Drop In

One hour $15
Hour and fifteen minute $16
Hour and a half $17

Student Discount

*discount passes must be purchased in person

15% Student Discount

*passes must be purchased in person

Multi -Classes Passes

New student unlimited $50 (good for 30 days)

One month unlimited $150
3 month unlimited $400
6 month unlimited $750
One year unlimited $1300
2 class pass $32
3 class $48
5 class pass $75
10 class pass $140
20 class pass $260
50 class pass $550

We appreciate your business - if you purchased a series, please note the expiration date, especially for the new student unlimited pass which is good for 30 days from the first class associated with the pass.

Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable and can only be shared with spouses, partners and the children of the pass holder.